2020, fight against the epidemic, Longcheer is in action!

The epidemic is raging. We see the family reunion moment, the medical staff who rushed to the front line without telling their relatives; the medical team who quickly gathered and rushed to the front line; the "angel in white" who faced the virus and stuck to the forefront of the war. The warriors who race against time and fight against the virus build a healthy defense line in front of the virus. All these experiences and moments... Vividly explain what real selflessness, fearlessness and dedication is, and Longcheer’s people feel grateful.

Fight against the epidemic, overcome the difficulties together, Longcheer is in action! While doing its own prevention and control work, the Longcheer group decided to donate the first batch of 1.8 million yuan in materials and cash to make its own contribution to fighting the epidemic!

On the afternoon of February 7, Longcheer Group donated TMT-9000A infrared thermal imager equipment to the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University.

The equipment uses an infrared camera imported from France ULIS, which has the advantages of real-time, fast and sensitive temperature reading. It can monitor the surface temperature of human body in real time by absorbing infrared radiation emitted by human body.

On February 10, Longcheer Group donated 4,800 N95 medical masks, which will be directly used in the frontline fight against the epidemic.

On February 17, the first day of the resumption of work in Huizhou City, with the entrustment and greetings of the group leaders, the leader of Longcheer electronics went to Huizhou Charity Federation to go through the pledge formalities and made a directional cash donation of 800,000 yuan, which was warmly received by the resident leaders of the City Charity Federation. On behalf of the municipal government, the Charity Federation expressed deep gratitude for the charity of Longcheer group, promising to send the love to the disaster area and the people in the disaster area as soon as possible, and wished Longcheer will continue to develop in Huizhou.


The Longcheer electronics conveyed concern and greetings from the group leaders, hoping that this love can be passed to the hearts of the people in the epidemic area. Longcheer people will always be heart to heart with Huizhou people and the people in the epidemic area.