Tablet PC

Technology Innovation and R&D

We are making constant efforts to improve the design of low-consumption circuits through disassembling hardware. Moreover, we have achieved extraordinarily long battery life for intelligent terminals using the strategy of matching different power consumption for varied scenarios.

The multi-camera debugging technology allows us to meet the requirements of products for diversified design and compatibility of optical elements. As a result, products are compatible for the design of dual cameras, triple cameras and quadruple cameras, while being equipped with innovative appearance.

Our independently developed multi-chip software compatibility technology makes it possible to adapt to hardware properties and functions at the time of starting up. This will greatly enhance the operational efficiency and delivery flexibility of products.

Quality Management

We test the pressure and accuracy of the software/hardware modules of tablets by following a self-designed test plan. These tests have ensured the stability and compatibility of products, improved the level of automatic detection, and enhanced the test efficiency and accuracy.