One-stop Solution

Thanks to our professional R&D, testing and manufacturing teams, we are able to provide flexible and efficient one-stop solutions by utilizing our worldwide supply chain resources

Technology Innovation and R&D

Issues such as double image and halation have been mitigated through optical design, simulation, coating film and different combinations of DOE

We increase the range of eye movements and reduce optical distortion through the optimized optical parameters such as raster shape and angle, upgrading our optical parameters to a high level of the industry

Moreover, we are capable of providing users with an immersive experience of ultra-fluency, low latency, low dizziness and high definition through the deep optimization of design from multiple dimensions

Quality Assurance

We carry out information-based management for production using the manufacturing execution system. This allows us to manage and track the quality of products in the whole process from incoming of raw materials to delivery of finished products. Our production environment has also been certified by the control procedure for electrostatic discharge (ESD) treatment