Longcheer’s Public Welfare Campaign: Anti-fraud Propaganda

Public welfare actions serve as a crucial embodiment for companies to give back to the local community and fulfill social obligations. With this in mind, we at Longcheer Technology always view such actions as an essential link to our growth. Recently, our colleagues at Longcheer’s Huizhou Branch, situated in the southeastern region of Guangdong Province, have initiated a distinctive public welfare campaign that serves dual purposes: raising public awareness on environmental protection and preventing fraud.

During this campaign, leaders of the Party Working Committee of Huihuan Sub-district in Huizhou’s Zhongkai High-tech Zone honored Longcheer’s Huizhou Branch with a prestigious red banner, acknowledging its contributions to the anti-fraud campaign. This recognition also serves as an incentive for us to take the lead in anti-fraud advocacy efforts, further contributing to the establishment of a harmonious society.

More than 80 participants from Longcheer, dressed in the uniform outerwear, partook in this campaign. Walking through streets and alleys, they gathered roadside litters while publicizing anti-fraud tips to residents whenever possible. These volunteers’ dedicated efforts infused a touch of vibrancy into this delightful spring season.

This volunteer campaign has not only injected new vitality into the construction of urban civilization but also highlighted the positive actions of Longcheer as a leading enterprise in the ODM industry in practicing corporate social responsibility.

Throughout the years, Longcheer demonstrated unwavering commitment to technological advancement while prioritizing its commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices by drawing on advanced experience, and integrating corporate social responsibility into all facets of our operations. Looking ahead, Longcheer will actively participate in public welfare initiatives, play a demonstration and leading role in the industry, and make meaningful contributions to advancing sustainable development through pragmatic approaches.