Employee Activities

Let’s Enjoy Speed and Passion and Cheer for the Longcheer Team


The 2024 Shanghai Half Marathon Corporate Elite Race, organized by FSG, kicked off on the morning of April 21, covering a distance of 21.0975 kilometers. As a featured event of the Shanghai Half Marathon, the Corporate Elite Race had attracted the participation of 101 companies, including Longcheer. Let's recall their wonderful moments together!

Wonderful Moments

During the 21-kilometer race, each Longcheer member exerted their utmost effort and ultimately won medals for excellent results. Notably, Student Zou from the Software Development Department crossed the finish line with a time of 01:21:23, achieving the top grade.

The running process represented a sincere pursuit of passion. Every runner, with unwavering determination, overcame numerous challenges and pressed forward courageously. Life lies in movement. Although the process was arduous, the joy at the moment of reaching the finish line was incomparable. It was sports that bestowed power upon us.