LONGCHEER: With inherent "exploration" spirit, the Company keeps up with the times

In the past 20 years, the annual output of mobile phones in China has grown exponentially from one million units to more than one billion units. In addition, with the establishment and improvement of the mobile phone industry chain, China has become a "world class mobile phone R&D and manufacturing center". As a ODM pioneer in China, LONGCHEER has been keeping up with the product and technology trend since its inception, focusing on innovation and exploration to promote the industry development and upgrade.

Striving for steady and long-term development, making constant innovation by grasping the opportunities of the times

Founded in 2002, LONGCHEER has grown from a small team to a large group with more than 10,000 employees. After 20 years of development, LONGCHEER has established R&D centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Hefei, Nanchang and other places, and two intelligent manufacturing centers in Nanchang and Huizhou, and deployed overseas manufacturing centers in India and Vietnam.

From the successful launch of the first GSM mobile phone to the business coverage of many countries and regions around the world, LONGCHEER is committed to providing professional overall solutions for intelligent products for TOP customers in the world. With outstanding R&D and design capabilities, supply chain management capabilities and production process quality management capabilities, it has been highly recognized by global customers.

Looking back at the development history of China's consumer electronics ODM industry, there were once hundreds of IDH companies in the early stage, but only a handful of companies survived the market competition and achieved scale growth. The steady development of LONGCHEER is closely related to its exploration spirit of “keeping up with the trend and making constant innovation”. From 2010 to 2016, keenly aware of the industrial changes in the mobile phone industry, LONGCHEER concluded that smart phones would replace functional phones, and decided to make comprehensive transformation into smart phone business. After the Huizhou Industrial Park was put into operation, LONGCHEER was transformed into an ODM enterprise. From 2017 to 2019, the Company made breakthrough in various product categories, realized mass production of multi-category AIoT products, and improved the overseas strategic deployment simultaneously. From 2020 to 2022, LONGCHEER continued to improve its comprehensive manufacturing capacity and built a world leading mobile phone/tablet +AIoT intelligent hardware platform.

At present, LONGCHEER mainly focuses on the design, research and development, manufacturing and service of terminal products such as smart phones, tablets, smart wearables and smart homes. With robust operating income, strong comprehensive strength, and constant improvement of innovation ability and industry influence, LONGCHEER has won a lot of affirmation for its healthy and steady development: For example, it has been rated as one of the Top 500 manufacturers in China, elected into the "Top 100 Enterprises in Shanghai" for seven consecutive years, ranked the 6th place in the "Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanghai", and the 14th place in the "Top 100 Emerging Industry Enterprises in Shanghai".

Constantly enhancing R&D investment to promote capacity improvement and enterprise growth

The sustainable growth of an enterprise depends on its own core competence. In particular, enterprises in the ODM industry need to make constant innovation to promote sustainable growth. Taking R&D investment as example, there exists high technical threshold in the intelligent hardware ODM industry. To deliver intelligent hardware, the manufacturer needs to master the technology in RF, antenna design, baseband, optical and audio technology, structure, software, simulation and many other professional technical fields. In addition, the intelligent hardware ODM industry is a talent-intensive and technology-intensive industry, having high experience requirements in technology innovation, product development, supply chain management and control, and market expansion, and requiring huge and sustained human capital investment.

LONGCHEER pays great attention to product R&D and technology upgrade and constantly enhances the R&D investment. From technical research to application, thousands of simulation, iterative adjustment, testing and verification are required to be carried out by professional teams for any technical field. After long-term innovation and development, LONGCHEER has set up an effective R&D process system, accumulated a lot of advanced R&D experience, absorbed and trained a number of professional and technical personnel, and established a stable product technology development team. With industry leading technical expertise, R&D teams and synergy, the Company has maintained its competitive advantage in the industry. In 2021, LONGCHEER enhanced the investment in R&D and manufacturing capacity after completing several rounds of financing, in order to consolidate its comprehensive strength and promote growth.

Actively expanding business boundary to empower development

In recent years, with the coming of new technology waves such as 5G and AI, enterprises need to follow the trend and make active response. On the basis of maintaining the scale growth of core businesses such as mobile phone and tablet, LONGCHEER also explores opportunities in other industries by innovating and developing new technologies and new categories in good time, and actively expanding business boundaries. For example, in recent years, it has cooperated with international famous brands and leading technology companies to launch a series of AIoT products such as VR products, AR glasses, smart watches and smart speakers, and accumulated expertise and experience. In addition, to explore new business fields, LONGCHEER has established automotive electronics and other business teams. Under the strategy guidance of “gaining deep insight into market trend and meeting customer demand”, the Company has been taking rigorous and firm steps in its development, maintaining the forward-looking decision-making.

In the direction of digital and intelligent exploration, LONGCHEER has built an information industrial park and manufacturing base focusing on automatic production and manufacturing of 5G intelligent products, intelligent logistics and black light factories in Huizhou and Nanchang, which realize strict quality control through high standard production and operation systems. In addition, by building an industrial Internet platform, optimizing production links, and improving operational efficiency, the Company has achieved profit growth, and greatly enhanced its high-end manufacturing production capacity.

According to the latest forecast of the White Paper on Global Smart Hardware ODM Industry published by Counterpoint Technology Market Research in 2022, shipments and sales of emerging smart hardware (including smart watches, TWS headsets, XRs, and smart speakers) will grow at a CAGR of 22% and 23% respectively from 2021 to 2025. The era of 5G and the Internet of everything is coming, and the smart hardware market presents huge growth potential. In the future, LONGCHEER will grasp the market opportunity to maintain and enhance the cooperative relationship with strategic customers, help brand owners improve the market competitiveness of products, create more popular products, and actively develop the intelligent hardware customers in more fields, in order to occupy the new market segments and stimulate the vitality of enterprise development.