Employee Activities

Returning from the Production Lines, New Recruits of 2023 Stand Poised for the Real Fight!

After the 1-week cultural training under the scorching sun, the new recruits of 2023 have not only honed their will, but also gained a better understanding of Longcheer culture. As qualified Longcheer employees, it’s vital to know about its business operations and product offerings. Putting on their overalls and hard hats, they went to the Huizhou and Nanchang bases for hands-on experiences, during which they bore witness to the transformation of ideas into tangible products. This hands-on experience offered them a whole new insight on manufacturing and the product lines, providing a solid front-line foundation upon which they can build their future roles within the company.

To master the process, you have to get your hands dirty

Experience is the best teacher! The new recruits possess a wealth of knowledge within their minds, yet they still exhibit a certain naivete when confronted with the real-life work scenarios. Therefore, a month-long practice in different lines and positions of the production department was arranged for them to apply what they have learned. During this period, they learned about the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each position as well as the operating instructions for various instruments. Those assigned to assembly positions gained an intimate familiarity with the key components and parts of a product, while those tasked with testing learned about the basic functions. Meanwhile, those at the quality assurance positions came to realize the importance of enhancing customer satisfaction through excellence. In addition, they discovered that the innovations by the Research and Development (R&D) department shall be consistent with the actual production practices, underscoring that high-quality products can only be created by efficient communication and collaboration.

Engineering empowerment for more experiences

The new recruits started a week-long training with their engineering mentors whey they got a hand on the production procedures. Being classified into different groups, they learned about processes and position-related knowledge. Following each day’s theoretical training, their mentors led them onto the production lines for hands-on instruction, providing a more visual perspective on our processes and how to deal with any anomalies that may arise. This demonstration will help these new recruits to cope with projects when they return to their respective positions.

Share what you’ve gained

The new recruits shared and presented what they’ve learned at the Huizhou and Nanchang bases. Some explored the factors affecting the operation, efficiency and yield rate from the perspectives of manpower, machine, material, method and environment; some suggested specific improvements depending on the cases they found in the production lines; others summarized the impact of R&D on production processes based on their observations and practice at different sections.

In the blink of an eye, the new recruits of 2023 have finished their cultural and production line trainings. Next, they’re going for the real fight on their respective positions. We believe they will embody the same positive and tenacious spirit as the sun and fulfill our expectations. They will strive ahead, dare to take on responsibilities and carving out a bright future for themselves and for Longcheer!