Employee Activities

All rise together, Passion Longcheer!

Never leave each other until the time ends! In the blink of an eye, the 17th anniversary of the establishment of Longcheer, we have been traveling together!

In order to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Longcheer, our lovely Longcheer people adhere to the concept of "happy work, happy life" and have played out with new styles, new attitudes and new heights. Let's experience the style of the Longcheer Association ~

Yoga makes life more ritual! Shape your body, enhance your temperament, and let yoga renew your body!


Pass the joy of basketball to everyone, hard work, unity, friendship and communication!

Play out the style, play out the level! In this green grass, not only are there losses and wins, but also the unity and friendship of our Longcheer people.

Happy playing, slow progress, happy life!


Live up to your sweat and live the Longcheer! Ping pong is tangible and happy!

Small hall, big stage, passion collision, the ball is wonderful!

Since the establishment of the Longcheer Association, the presidents of the associations have actively provided suggestions for the development of the association, standardized management, and organized activities in a planned manner. The skill levels of the team members have significantly improved and the team has continued to expand. Here, there is sweat, passion, collision, gain, and touch, Longcheer Association-look forward to your joining!