Let Longcheer Bloom with Sunflowers — 2022 Training Camp of Trainers of Tomorrow

 Through over a month of elaborate preparation, two phrases of closed training and more than 40 experts from various fields of hard work and train, the 6th training camp of [Trainers of Tomorrow] successfully concluded in Shanghai.

In the future, they will join Longcheer’s internal trainer team to share and pass on their knowledge and experience in the courses of Longcheer.

For the study of phase I, the focus is to clarify the course orientation, sort out the course context, extract practical experience, develop vivid cases, and form standardized courseware. For the study of phase II, the focus is to design teaching strategies and vivid interpretation of expression. The courses for internal trainers all come from business practice and the contents are plentiful and useful. How can be interesting and efficient in teaching? Let’s look at a set of learning value formulas!

During the learning leading-in phase, the strategy of arousing interests-establishing trust-activating pressure-informing benefits-reaching consensus can be used to stimulate the trainees’ learning motivation. During the key phase of learning and organizing, by the strategy of exciting perception-connecting feelings-implanting viewpoints-strengthening identification, to reach the identification transformation of trainee attitude and sense; by the strategy of activating cognition-inspiring new knowledge-assisting understanding-consolidating memory, to help the trainees understanding and digestion of the knowledge and concepts; by the strategy of explanation and statement-presentation and demonstration-practice and drilling-tutoring feedback, to push the mastering of professional skills of trainees so as to ensure learning effect. During the learning transfer phase, by the strategy of key points review-Q&A-action promoting-upgrading messages-building expectations, the learning value of course is promoted and developed.

Continuous growth is the essence of long-termism. During and after the class, students repeatedly practiced the strong impact and six-pulse excalibur of rational expression structure taught by teachers, and gave lessons in turn in the group for a trail, practicing for the upcoming review and certification. They are sunflowers blooming on the way of growth with more than 200 internal trainees certified by Longcheer, guiding Longcheer staff who are growing.